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Protection Zone of Historical Landscape on Wukang Road

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Address: Wukang Road, Xuhui District 200031, Shanghai

Post Code:200031

Transport: Buses No. 96, 548, 113, or 48

Wukang Road is located within the Hengshan Road – Fuxing Road Historical Area in the northwest of Xuhui District. It extends from Huashan Road in the north to Middle Huaihai Road in the south for 1,100 meters in length. Paved in the late 19th century, Wukang Road is one of the best preserved neighborhoods with the most distinct continental architecture. With 11 buildings listed for protection and 37 buildings kept in preservation for their historical features on both sides, Wukang Road is a typical community of garden houses in modern Shanghai. Architectures of the diverse styles like Western classicism, Renaissance, and Baroque, stand in the shade of French phoenix trees that line the route.

The road previously was home to numerous celebrities in Shanghai, like warlords and politicians, foreign and rich merchants, scholars and patriots, who are symbols of cultural identity and witnesses of historical process of the city. It was here that Chinese literary figure Ba Jin wrote down his famous Random Thoughts.

In order to put the protection of historical buildings further forward, relevant departments jointly compiled the Outline for the Protection of Historical Wukang Road. In 2005, Wukang Road was designated as a road that would never be expanded. In 2010, the renovation was completed in accordance with the Outline.

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