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The preservation of the ancient town of Fengjin

Contact: Xiao Li


Address: Fengjing Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai

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Transport: Lianhua Road Station on Subway Line 1 → Fengjing (non-stop, half expressway), the bus departures every twenty minutes; Shanghai South-West Bus Station (near the Jinjiang Park Station on Subway Line 1) → Fengjing (non-stop, full expressway)

Fengjing Historical Area is located in the old town of Fengjing, Jinshan District. It is 57 km away from downtown Shanghai. Established in 502 A.D., Fengjing has a history of more than 1,500 years. With well-developed land- and water-based transportation, it has been the distribution center of agricultural products, by-products and hand-made products and the center for trade and cultural exchange since the Song and Yuan dynasties. There are now 52 ancient bridges in the town. Fengjing is also the birthplace of Jinshan Farmer Painting. It is acknowledged as “the home of modern folk painting” by the Ministry of Culture of China. The conservation of the Fengjing Historical Area focuses on protecting the extant historical sites. Some history and culture conservation and control areas will be set up. The historical features of the area will be well protected and at the same time, the construction of supporting facilities will be carried on. There are many ancient buildings in Fengjing, including the Gallery for Ding Cong’s Cartoons, the Fire Department Site which was built in 1649 with features of modern civilization, the nearly century-old ancestral residence of the painter Cheng Shifa, the ancient post office, etc. In the ancient town of Fengjing, visitors can learn about the early development of Shanghai and experience the strong cultural atmosphere of a water town in the region south of the Yangtze River.

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