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Shanghai Zhangjiang Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone

Zhangjiang: Industry Restructuring Driven by Innovation

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Address: Building 34, No. 1387 Zhangdong Road, Shanghai

Post Code:201203

Transport: Get off Nanpu Bridge or Yangpu Bridge, drive eastward along Longdong Avenue; turn right at Zhangdong Road, turn left at Jinqiu Road, and drive forward until you see the direction board of the park.

Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone is one of the first batch of national hi-tech parks approved by the State Council in 1991. The State Council approved and consented to upgrade Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-tech Zone into the third national independent innovation demonstration zone (hereinafter referred to as “Zhangjiang Demonstration Zone”) in 2011. Up to now, Zhangjiang Demonstration Zone covers a total area of 470.5 square kilometers, expanding to the composition of “One Zone and Eighteen Parks” (Zhangjiang Core Park, Caohejing Park, Zhabei park, Qingpu Park, Jiading Park, Jinqiao Park, Yangpu Park, Xuhui Park, Changning Park, Hongkou Park, Songjiang Park, Minhang (Xinzhuang) Park, Putuo Park, Fengxian Park, Jinshan Park, Chongming Park, Lingang Park, Lujiazui Park) and Zizhu Hi-tech Zone. Thus three innovation belts has been formed along the river-line and coastal area, Shanghai-Nanjing line and Shanghai-Hangzhou line, which chime in with Shanghai innovation belt and emerging industries strategic development belt.

By 2012, Zhangjiang Demonstration Zone had realized sound development in seven strategic emerging industries clusters and culture and science integrated industry clusters, among which, biological pharmacy, integrated circuit in new generation information technology and new energy automobile maintained a leading position nationwide, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new material and energy saving and environment protection industries ranked top among others in the whole country. Zhangjiang Demonstration Zone, being authorized with the plate of National Culture and Science Integrated Demonstration Base, kept growing at the rate of over 20% in terms of economic aggregate. Statistics covering the 296.4 square kilometers prior to the second expansion of administration (excluding Putuo Park, Fengxian Park, Jinshan Park, Chongming Park, Lingang Park, Lujiazui Park) showed that Zhangjiang Demonstration Zone had accomplished total technology and trade revenue of RMB 1.88 trillion, tax revenue of RMB 98 billion, foreign exchange-earning of 57 billion US dollars, ranking top among hi-tech zones throughout the country.

Shanghai Zhangjiang Demonstration Zone has attracted nearly 30,000 companies, among which over 300 are of Global Fortune 500. Among more than 1,000 R&D institutions, over 300 are foreign funded. Above 40% of the more than 1,300,000 employees hold a bachelor’s degree or above. The Demonstration Zone possesses 24,000 invention patents authorized by enterprises. Key industries have been established including biological pharmacy, electronic information, culture and innovation, aerospace, advanced equipment manufacturing, automobile and components and parts. During the Twelfth Five-Year Plan, the Demonstration Zone has laid its emphasis on the development of such industries as new generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, biological industry, new energy, new material, energy saving and environment protection, new energy automobile, aerospace, etc. By 2020, the Demonstration Zone is expected to have become a first class hi-tech zone on the globe, a science and technology innovation center, a high-end talents center, a scientific and technological finance center, a technology trading center, a hi-tech industrial development base and a government management innovation model zone with global influence. It will be a special brand, representing China, in the international hi-tech industry competition.

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