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Transport: By buses 146, 932, 781, 911, 926, or 42; or By Tunnel Line 8; or Daqiao line 1; or By Metro Line 1,South Huang Pi Road Station; Line 10, Xintiandi Station

As the urban memory of Shanghai, the Shanghai Xintiandi Funplex is a street along which all the century-old stone-gate houses have been well kept in their traditional look exteriorly, although interiorly they have been totally renovated to serve catering, business, cultural or entertainment purposes, providing a successful reference for conservation and protection of urban history and culture during the course of transformation of old urban districts in China.

Standing within the ring formed by the Taicang Road, the South Huangpi Road, the Madang Rong and the Zizhong Road, the Funplex is cut into two parts by the Xingye Road where the site of the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China stands. In the northern part dominated by traditional stone-gate houses are restaurants, coffee rooms, bars, and fashion shops featuring styles from all parts of the world and beaming with international elements, while in the southern part dominated by modern buildings stand a 25,000-square-meter shopping center complete with fashion shops, ornament stalls, restaurants and cinemas well tailored to the taste of fashion-going young people. Enhancing each other’s beauty, these traditional houses and modern buildings present a perfect integration of Oriental and Western cultures and a delicate dialogue between history and modernity.

Shanghai Xintiandi Phase 3 – Xintiandi Style is located at Zi Zhong Road and South Fu Xing Road, next to Ma Dang Road and connected to the South Block of Xintiandi with total area of 29,500 square meter.
Similar to the architectural design of Shanghai Xintiandi: a combination of East and West, Old and New, Xintiandi Style continues the legend of Shanghai Xintiandi. Xintiandi Style is different from normal shopping malls, it aims at providing a platform to nurture Chinese designers and allow them to communicate with world-class international designers. Apart from the international fashion brands in our mall, Asian designer brands are coming to Xintiandi Style and ready to start a new fashion era in Shanghai.

Stepping into the lanes here lined by stone-gate houses, middle-aged and old people would suddenly become nostalgic, while young people would get a sense of fashionableness. Here at the Funplex, people will get different feelings: for foreigners, everything looks so Chinese, and for Chinese, each object is so international.

Opening times: Shanghai Xintiandi& Xintiandi Style: All year round, free of charge
Xintiandi Custmer Service Hour : 10:30am – 10:30pm
Xintiandi Style Custmer Service Hour : 10:00am – 10:00pm
Wulixiang Open House:
Opening hours: Mondy to Sundy 10:30am – 22:30pm
Admission fees: BMB 20 Yuan admission (discounts for group admission; contact in advance required)

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