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Marintec China 2019 Media Registration Notice

Date:December 03, 2019 - November 06, 2019


The All China Maritime Conference & Exhibition

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Proposed Interviews

Sewage treatment station in Huapiao Village

Sewage treatment station in Huapiao Village, Chenjia Town adopts new technology in water environment treatment

Address: East side of Huapiao Village committee, Chenjia Town, Chongming District, Shanghai 202162


The domestic sewage treatment demonstration site in Huapiao

Yuanyi Village of Gangyan Town

Yuanyi Village of Gangyan Town — Hometown of Boxwood

Address: No. 868 Dagang Highway, Yuanyi Village, Gangyan Town 202158


Yuanyi Village is in Gangyan Town of Chongming District in

the Langxia Ecological Park

Detailed Introduction to the Langxia Ecological Park

Address: No. 9133, Caolang Highway, Langxia Town, Jinshan District


Located in the core area of Shanghai Langxia Country Park,

Mahota Farm

Detailed Introduction to Mahota Farm

Address: Beiqiyao Modern Agricultural Park, Zhongxing Town, Chongming District, Shanghai 202163


Chongming will be built into an agricultural by-products manufacturer

Baosteel Group Corporation Limited

From "Green Production" to "Producing Green"

Address: Room 2105, No. 370, Pudian Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai,


Steel industry can generate waste gas, waste water and waste

Shanghai Chemical Industry Park

Integrated Environment Protection and Ecological Park Construction

Address: Building 2, Business Center, No. 66, Yuehua Road, Shanghai Chemical Industry Park


As a big city with a high degree of modernization, Shanghai

Changfeng Ecological Business District

"Ecological" Transformation of the Old Industrial Zone

Address: No. 89 East Yunling Road


Changfeng Ecological Business District, previously known

Mengqing Theme Park on Environmental Protection of Suzhou Creek

History of Environmental Protection for Suzhou Creek

Address: No. 130, Yichang Road, Shanghai


It has taken a dozen years of comprehensive treatment and

Chongming Island Ecological Conservation

Harmonious coexistence between man and nature

Address: Dongwang Avenue, Dongtan, Chongming Island, Shanghai


Chongming Island boasts the largest alluvial island at the

Jinju Community in Xinjing Town, Changning District

Build Environment-friendly Community and Bring Volunteers of Environmental Protection into Full Play

Address: Room 209 No.113, Lane 185, Quankou road, Changning District, Shanghai


The establishment of environment-friendly communities

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