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Marintec China 2019 Media Registration Notice

Date:December 03, 2019 - November 06, 2019


The All China Maritime Conference & Exhibition

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Proposed Interviews

The Yu Garden

Address: 218 Anren Street, Shanghai


Located in the northeast of the Old Town, the Yu Garden is

Jinshanzui Fishing Village

Introduction to Jinshanzui Fishing Village

Address: No. 6394, Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway, Shanyang Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai


Jinshanzui Fishing Village is a National AAA Scenic Area which

Guangfulin Heritage Park

Introduction to Guangfulin Heritage Park

Address: Alley 3260, Guangfulin Road Post Code:201616


Guangfulin Heritage Park extends from Longyuan Road on the

Nanxiang Old Street

Introduction to Nanxiang Old Street

Address: No.206,Jiefang Street, Nanxiang Town, Jiading District Post Code:201802


Nanxiang ancient town is a famous historical and cultural town.

Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum

Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum

Address: No. 62, Changyang Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai 200082


The site of Ohel Moshe Synagogue, built by Russian Jews in1928,

The preservation of the ancient town of Fengjin

Address: Fengjing Town, Jinshan District, Shanghai


Fengjing Historical Area is located in the old town of Fengjing,

Protection Zone of Historical Landscape on Wukang Road

Address: Wukang Road, Xuhui District 200031, Shanghai


Wukang Road is located within the Hengshan Road – Fuxing

Shanghai Chin Woo Athletic Federation

Detailed Introduction to Shanghai Chin Woo Athletic Federation

Address: No. 30, Alley 1702, North Sichuan Road, Shanghai 200080


Shanghai Chin Woo Athletic Federation is a public sports organization

Sinan Mansions

Introduction to Sinan Mansions

Address: No. 505, Middle Fuxing Road, Shanghai


As a National Famous Historic and Cultural City Special Fund

The Shanyin Road Historical and Cultural Area

Address: Shanyin Road, Tian'ai Road, Duolun Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai


Situated in the northeastern corner of Shanghai's Hongkou

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