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Tasty dishes for Year of the Ox: Once a crime, beef now a delight

February 20, 2021


Many Chinese people believe that the Year of the Ox, the animal that symbolizes diligence and hard work, is destined to go swimmingly,

Tempt your tummy this holiday season at new restaurants

February 10, 2021


The Year of the Ox is coming and Shanghais getting into a festive spirit. Here are some fabulous new dining choices where you can enjoy

'Meet The Bund' for a Michelin star journey

February 05, 2021


Meet The Bund collected one Michelin star for its modern, elevated renditions of Fujian cuisine in the latest Michelin Guide Shanghai. Inside

French chefs' local experiment: When Chinese quality meets French finesse

January 28, 2021


Fresh fish from Brittany, Label Rouge chickens and a dazzling selection of fine cheeses hailing from different regions across France

McDonald's swings and misses with new 'Chinese burger'

January 22, 2021


On the first day of the twelfth lunar month, McDonald’s announced its latest collaboration with Chinese animation IP “Nezha” to introduce

Cookware that helped make history

January 15, 2021


From the sizzling clay pot rice noodles served at streetside eateries to glistening pork belly braised in clay pots, this traditional

Barbarian creates a luxury new cave in Plaza 66

January 08, 2021


Barbarian’s nomadic, cave-like space finds a new home inside the luxury mall Plaza 66. Probably an odd contrast yet it injects a new

Raw or cooked, choose chestnuts

December 31, 2020


Chestnuts are one of the foods that can make a person smile in chilly months, by picking up a few hot sugar-roasted chestnuts before

Chinese lunar calender gets a taste of fine dining

December 26, 2020


In a tranquil standalone villa on Jianguo Road W. in the heart of Shanghai, Lunar, a new fine-dining project, is exploring Chinese

Pork, chicken or fish … it's all good

December 18, 2020


There's not only a love for richly flavored offal dishes in Chinese cuisine, but also a craving for the collagen-rich rind and skin,

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