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A tasty meeting of charcoal and cocktails - January 10, 2020


Charcohol is a pleasant escape spot for those fancy craft cocktails and global cuisine with an emphasis on charcoal grill.
The newly opened cocktail bar and restaurant features a prominent location inside Fengshengli near Nanjing Road W. that makes it a convenient place for any meet-ups after work or over weekends.
On the ground floor of a three-story building in the center of Fengshengli complex, the space is divided into the outdoor patio, atrium and chamber. The venue seats 75 inside, including 11 around the central cocktail bar and 90 outside on the patio. The outdoor patio will definitely be the hot venue for drinks starting in spring when the weather gets warmer.
The central bar clearly shows Charcohol’s key message — first and foremost a cocktail bar.
The cocktails are developed by acclaimed mixologist Cross Yu, with the core menu featuring about 15 cocktails, which includes libations of clarified milk punches, redistilled Spritzes (truffle vodka and rose gin), duck fat washed Maker’s Mark bourbon, subtle twists on the negroni, sour-fizzy mixes for easy drinking. In addition, a series of coffee-inspired cocktails and low-alcohol drinks from a transition between daytime drinks and evening tipples, served at the outdoor bar, fitting the laid back, daytime al fresco atmosphere.
Drinks are the primary focus here, but food plays an important role in facilitating its gastro-lounge vibe.
Charcohol calls its food offering global cuisine, conceptualized by chefs Mandela Zhu and Kevin Han. The delightful dishes take inspiration from American, Asian and French cuisine with  grilling, fermentation and dry aging. It’s supposed to be shared among friends at low-tables that help guests indulge in the relaxed mood of the evening ambience amidst the rhythm of the music.
Louisiana-style mini crab cake, charcohol beef tendons, smoked Norwegian salmon pata au choux and venison tartare all show the team’s playful approach to comfort food with elevated plating to match the setting. No matter how creative and fusion, everything I tasted was good.
With an emphasis on charcoal grill, expect wonderful maple and applewood-smoked chicken, charcoal-grilled baby napa cabbage and Chef Keven’s favorite iberico pork chop as well as maple and applewood-smoked USDA prime beef brisket.
Opening hours: 5:30pm-1am (Sunday-Thursday); 5:30pm-2am (Friday, Saturday)
Tel: 3226-5752
Address: 1/F, Room 102, Bldg18, 245 Maoming Rd N.
Average price: 250 yuan (US$35.65)

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