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Patriotic performances celebrate 100 years of CPC

February 26, 2021


Local art troupes will present signature works for Shanghai audiences during the “Patriotic Classic Performance Season” over the following

ARTOUSE a new spot on Shanghai's art map

February 20, 2021


A new venue — ARTOUSE — has appeared on Shanghai’s art map. Established by Geewin Art Management Co and Shanghai Morning Post, it provides

The Year of Ox celebrated at cross-border exhibition

February 10, 2021


Shanghai Museum is celebrating the Chinese New Year of the Ox with a special exhibition of artworks featuring zodiacal ox characteristics. Joining

The master calligrapher behind vanguard 'hanging arm technique'

February 05, 2021


Xianyu Shu (1246-1302), also known as Boji and pseudonym Kunxue Shanmin (a poor mountain scholar), was a notable poet, collector, connoisseur

Luo presents innovative art for a new year

January 28, 2021


"Travel Through Cities,” an exhibition of Luo Weimin’s ink-wash painting works, was a success. He applied the techniques of traditional

Nostalgic look at 70 years of gaming culture

January 22, 2021


The exhibition “Player of Beings” at Ming Contemporary Art Museum has gathered a group of young, avant-garde installation artists to

Exploits of the Monkey King beloved by Chinese young and old

January 15, 2021


"Journey to the West,” which chronicles the adventures of the Monkey King, or Sun Wukong, is a household classic novel well-known by

Curtain goes up on new theater bookstore

January 08, 2021


Theaters and bookstores dedicated to the stage arts have been popular dating back to the London of Shakespeare’s time, and now Shanghai

Work of a great Qing Dynasty scholar on show

December 31, 2020


Paintings, calligraphy and other work from Jiading native Qian Daxin (1728-1804), a great scholar in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911),

Musical industry base celebrates anniversary

December 25, 2020


Domestic musical producers are being given the opportunity to seek deeper cooperation with each other on a platform built by the China

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