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Digital art group teamLab to open museum in Shanghai

September 12, 2019


Digital art group teamLab is opening its first art museum in Shanghai at the former World Expo 2010 site in downtown Huangpu District

Graffiti adds fun to historical road

September 06, 2019


Graffiti on downtown Wuyi Road has become an attraction as part of a project to fill the historical road with culture and innovation. Cartoon

Design Week finds beauty in the banality of life

August 30, 2019


For many, design might simply mean interior decoration, but in reality it is the entire creative process. The 2019 Shanghai Design

Art beyond race, language and culture

August 23, 2019


Teenagers and children from around the world are showcasing their talent in everything from painting to ceramics, print-making and

Hundreds of new books debut as Shanghai Book Fair kicks off

August 16, 2019


Shanghai Book Fair opened on Wednesday morning, with more than 160,000 titles, nearly 500 authors visiting and nearly 1,300 reading

Raising a glaze to bygone cradle of China's china

August 08, 2019


China is well known throughout the world for its porcelain, and Jingdezhen, a city in northern Jiangxi Province, is synonymous as being

Turning museum works into everyday products

August 02, 2019


Treasured exhibits at local museums have been designed into creative merchandize in a design competition to cash in on the rising demand

Chinese books go global

July 26, 2019


While foreign picture books imported into China are welcomed by Chinese families, some Chinese picture books are being exported to

Operas feature in Shanghai Symphony Orchestra's season

July 22, 2019


Shanghai Symphony Orchestra has just announced its 2019-2020 season program, which features 77 performances beginning in September. These

China-US diplomatic relations: a short tour down a long history

July 12, 2019


It was a tour down memory lane, retracing the highlights of the 40 years since China and the US opened diplomatic relations. Shanghai

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