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The shining light of Buddha - April 21, 2017


UNDER the theme of “The Buddha Light,” an exhibition featuring calligraphy works and carvings of a group of famous local artists such as Liu Xiaojing and Lu Kang is underway at Duoyunxuan Art Space through April 22.

The artists have been involved in Buddhism for many years, so the sutra they wrote on rice paper or the seal they carved into stones all reflect their thoughts on life.

Jue Xing, abbot of the Jade Buddha Temple of Shanghai, attended the opening of the exhibition — a blessing called “opening the light.”

Artist couple Le Zhenwen and Zhang Chi created an amulet for the exhibition.

Le, a veteran ink-wash painter, wrote sutra on the back of an amulet made in gold while his wife, Zhang, drew a Buddha on the front.

Abbot Jue Xing also wrote “The Buddha Light” besides the Buddha.

“It is not an easy task,” said Zhang. “Just imagine, every brushstroke is critical to depict the posture and expression of Buddha to reflect his serenity and benevolence on this tiny space of the amulet.”

Another highlight of the exhibition is the seal created by Shen Dingyong. The artist created a semi-abstract “Thousand-handed Goddess” on a small stone.


Date: Through April 22, 10am-4pm

Venue: Duoyunxuan Art Space, 4/F, 422 Nanjing Rd E.

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