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Calculating common ground between artistic creativity and treasures - December 01, 2017


An unusual exhibition exploring artistic creativity and the treasures of Huabao Building in Yuyuan Garden is intriguing art lovers in Shanghai.
Initiated by Deyi Studio, the exhibition, entitled “Inestimable,” has recently opened at the Yuyuan Malls Art Space, with the aim of finding some common ground between artistic creativity and the treasures in Huabao Building, a classic jewelry store in the center of the city’s small commodities market of the Yuyuan area.
Invited artists from home and abroad can use this space to present their creations in Huabao Building, which is used to showcase handcrafted jewelry and exquisite treasures.
Artists can even create their work on the site. It is open to different kinds of art and is also a playground for experimental projects.
Covering a floor space of 200 square meters, the exhibition is designed to explore and question the “spiritual treasure” that we have neglected or forgotten from our daily life.
Various art programs, screenings and lectures will be held from time to time, in order to broaden local people’s knowledge of the “Inestimable,” the priceless treasures.
The first phase of the exhibition runs until the end of December, featuring works of Chinese artist Ning Zuohong and French artist Simon Le Cieux. Exhibits on display will be renewed every two weeks.

Exhibition details
Date: Through December 31, 9am-5pm
Venue: 2/F, Huabao Tower, Yuyuan Malls Art Space
Address: 265 Fangbang Rd M.
How to get there: Metro Line 10 Yuyuan Station

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