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Literary project to further explore the history of Communist Party of China - July 06, 2018


In 1921, the Communist Party of China was founded in Shanghai among the shikumen (stone-gated) houses of today’s popular tourist spot Xintiandi. The city has since been intimately related to the Party’s history, leaving many historic sites where Party members and reformists once fought.

The Shanghai Writers' Associations is determined to dig out the history and stories of these sites through a project that will last three years and yield 400 short stories reintroducing the hidden drama.

The 400 stories are expected to be published by July 2021, in time for the Party’s 100th anniversary.

“Many of the sites have been reported before, which makes it more demanding to write again,” said Ye Xin, vice chairman of the association and an established contemporary novelist.

“A good story not just introduces the history and significance of the sites, but also balances the historical and fictional parts. The writers need to visit the sites in person and discover new facts and new angles,” he added.

Recent research tallied 657 sites related to the Party in Shanghai, among which 440 are still in existence ─ some well-known and others hidden away in residential areas.

The first batch of 45 writers include not only established authors like Ye, but also popular Internet fiction writers in their 20s and 30s, who are expected to bring some fresh and different perspectives to the project.

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