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Education focuses on children's creativity

July 10, 2020


Bubbling soda elves, dancing with revived dinosaurs, immigrating to the moon with pandas ­— the vivid drawings and imagination behind

A push to promote art, culture among students

June 12, 2020


Art education has been gaining more attention in the city with a variety of new platforms and programs launched to promote art and

Education forum promotes diverse, tailored learning

May 13, 2020


Experts called for greater understanding of children and tailored education at a recent forum held in Shanghai. Liu Lili, a professor

Schools and parents prepare for campus reopening

April 21, 2020


The Shanghai Education Commission has announced that graduating students at middle and high schools can return to campuses on April

Fudan University shares online teaching experience with US educators

April 14, 2020


Shanghai's Fudan University has shared with US academics its experience of transforming to an Internet-based teaching model during

Dates announced for reopening of schools

April 10, 2020


Graduating students at local middle and high schools will be able to return to school on April 27, Lu Jing, director of the Shanghai

Simultaneous school admissions this year

March 13, 2020


Shanghai’s private primary and middle schools will carry out their admission processes simultaneously with public schools from this

Online classes begin for city's students

March 06, 2020


Shanghai’s more than 1.4 million students had a busy school day on Monday, taking part in national flag raising ceremonies and regular

Cameras roll as teachers present classes

February 28, 2020


“Ready? Go!” “Hello, everyone. Long time no see. Do you miss the school as I do? “May I do it again? I didn’t pronounce two words correctly.” “I

Shanghai schools will remain closed, offer online classes

February 18, 2020


Schools in Shanghai will remain closed indefinitely and begin offering online classes from March to ensure the safety of students and

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