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Fudan University to open campus in Hungary - November 09, 2018


Fudan University announced recently that it is to open its first overseas campus at Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary.
The first program available at the Budapest campus of Fudan University School of Economics will be a double master's program, a cooperation between Fudan and Corvinus business schools in conjunction with the Hungarian National Bank.
The program will provide finance and business professionals in Hungary and other central and eastern European countries with courses on the Chinese economy, financial system and policy. It will focus on  China’s economic growth path and development.
The program will recruit the first class of 20 to 30 students in 2019. All classes will be conducted in English. Students will study both in Hungary and China over two years.
Each student will have one tutor from Fudan and another from Corvinus. Graduates will be granted a master's degree in finance from Fudan and another in business administration from Corvinus.
According to Li Dan, director of the program, students will be given basic knowledge in Hungary and then come to work in Chinese companies while they study at Fudan.
“We hope the program will cultivate talent who can serve as bridge in economic and financial cooperation between China and other countries,”said Chen Zhimin, vice president of Fudan.
Levente Horvath, director of National Bank of Hungary’s education department, is a Fudan University alumnus.

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