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TV show focusing on safety prepares children for new semester - February 22, 2021


A 45-minute TV show, to be aired on Sunday evening, will teach children about safety awareness in preparation for the coming new semester which starts next Monday.
It will be the seventh time such a TV show has been broadcast, thanks to concerted efforts by the city’s police, firefighters and rescuers, educators and public health administration.
The new episode will educate students about Internet and telecom scams, peer bullying, the peril of dropping objects from high places, rules to be observed in raising pets, traffic rules for pedestrians and bike riders, fire safety and rescue as well as health tips under the COVID-19 pandemic, Shanghai police said on Saturday.
The show will be premiered from 6pm to 6:45pm on Shanghai Education TV on Sunday. It will also be available on the Metro TV and several local news and video websites the next day.

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