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Attractions and activities abound in Shanghai for those in town during holiday

September 30, 2021


For those who want to eschew travel during the upcoming National Day holiday starting from October 1, Shanghai's tourist attractions

Rescuing Shanghai's last remaining Qing Dynasty residence

September 03, 2021


An emergency renovation project has been launched on one of Shanghai's last remaining Qing Dynasty residences in downtown, dating back

Timber temple evokes debate over origins of its architectural style

August 02, 2021


Luodian in Baoshan District always seems to be just one step away from the limelight. It is one of the oldest towns in Shanghai, but

Old mansion's delicate woodcarving exemplifies the passing of an era

July 02, 2021


Ten minutes' ride from the Metro station of Songjiang Xincheng, Zhongshan Road W. in Songjiang District seems a world apart from its

Just an hour from the city center, the graceful elder sister …

June 04, 2021


Downtown Shanghai’s reputation as an urban jungle is well earned with its towering concrete buildings and chaotic traffic. The metropolitan

Restored admiration for Zhu family in Songjiang

April 30, 2021


Qingyang Book House, after a renovation project at the Zhu Family Old Residence in Chedun Town in Songjiang District, officially opened

Obscurity lends magical charm to an old villa garden

April 02, 2021


Yan'an Road M., a busy thoroughfare in Shanghai, is overshadowed by an elevated highway above. But how many come-and-go commuters and

An island park so close to downtown but still obscure

March 05, 2021


Unless you are looking at a map, it’s hard to recognize Fuxing Island as an island. In fact, it’s the only isle on the Huangpu River

New look and a new life for the old street

February 05, 2021


"It feels familiar and strange,” many residents in Anting Town said. Phase I of the Anting Old Street reconstruction project has been

Great places around town just a doorway away

December 29, 2020


Shanghai's cultural and tourism authorities released a first group of 50 recommended sites on Monday, selected from 124 candidates

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