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Great places around town just a doorway away

December 29, 2020


Shanghai's cultural and tourism authorities released a first group of 50 recommended sites on Monday, selected from 124 candidates

Take a trip to silkscreen printing center

December 18, 2020


A khaki-colored water tower marks the center of Huayang Old Street in Songjiang District. Let it be your “direction star” and guide

Old train stops at Dongxia to recall the good old days

November 20, 2020


An old-style train painted green stops beside a mottled station near the entrance of Dongxia Village’s park commemorating Huangpu River’s

Strolling along latest downtown attraction, finding nice surprises

October 23, 2020


The face of Nanjing Road E. has changed many times since its origins more than 150 years ago. Called Park Lane when it was first built,

Expats take virtual tour of city's suburban splendours

September 28, 2020


The city's cultural and tourism authorities promoted Shanghai's suburban splendors to expats and people from Hong Kong on Sunday to

Little-visited, centuries-old nook manages to retain a certain charm

September 04, 2020


There is Old Shanghai and then there is much older Shanghai. That latter honor describes Zhenru, an area in the west of the city that

Back to the past in Cangcheng with its old residences and bridges

August 03, 2020


In 1433 a grain store rose from the ground at the southern end of Dacang Bridge that crossed Songjiang’s ancient Shihe River. Henceforward,

Now is the time to get out to enjoy life

July 03, 2020


After months at home, people have returned to work and hope to enjoy the beauty of summer. With most venues open again in Jiading District,

The curious tale of a decaying old mansion forgotten by time

May 29, 2020


Xiaonanmen is one of the oldest areas of Shanghai and at one time was among its busiest. The area is characterized by labyrinth-like

For a spring break, take a stroll in our beautiful backyard

April 24, 2020


A holiday overseas is still out of the question, and travel elsewhere in China may be fraught with limitations. So if you hanker for

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