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A gifted creator of ceramics as modern art

August 10, 2018


CONCERT halls, historic buildings, Metro stations. So many sites in Shanghai bear the artistic touch of Jiang Guoxing, a pioneer in

Research adds color to Shao's life

July 13, 2018


Shao Min dips a piece of silk into the murky yellow mixture, swirling it as she chats to her students and the neighbors who have gathered

An all-rounder in the tools of cricket rearing

June 15, 2018


When shopkeeper Bai Zixiao talks about cricket equipment, he isn’t referring to bats, balls and wickets. His specialty is the ancient

On the beat: vetting foreigners in the city

May 18, 2018


Yu Shaohua, 34, spends a lot of his time hanging around bars downtown, but he’s hardly a barfly. Yu is an exit-entry police officer

Time for tea, kung fu style

April 20, 2018


YE Hanzhong does not like to be labeled a “master.” As heir to the national intangible heritage of the Chaozhou gongfu (kung fu) tea

A man’s crusade to protect vanishing art

March 23, 2018


WANG Shijun, founder of Shanghai Haipai Lacquerware Museum in Minhang District, shows visitors around with a passion hard to hide.

Antique furniture safe in this master’s hands

February 23, 2018


EDITOR’S note: Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions launched a project last year to single out front-line workers whose expertise, professionalism

A young florist with magic hands wins big

January 19, 2018


ROSES, balloon flowers, gerbera daisies — flowers of different shapes and colors dance on his fingertips, like jewels waiting to adorn

Chop seller enters the ring to prove that boxing is an art

December 08, 2017


PEOPLE living in a community inspired by Confucius theory, especially in China, will regard boxing as a violent sport that most of

Filmmaker masters ink-wash painting skills

November 10, 2017


IN the 1980s, filmmaker Xia Zhenya shot to fame with a three-part documentary titled “The Art Masters in Shanghai.” The documentary,

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