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For the homeless, help in finding long-lost families

February 20, 2021


Tang Huaibin, 55, is a detective of sorts, hunting clues to crack a mystery. But his is not a whodunit pursuit, but rather a quest

Cancer victim helps other sufferers fight the dreaded disease

January 15, 2021


When Wang Ying was given the devastating news she had cancer two years ago her world almost caved in. It seems to be an ugly, twisted

Wheelchair vlogger tackles 'the monster' with gutsy zeal

December 18, 2020


At the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Japan, Zhao Hongcheng, 30, looked up from her wheelchair to gaze in amazement at the swirls of

Nonprofit leader builds cultural bridges

November 20, 2020


This is Linda Painan’s 25th year in Shanghai. Being a Singaporean born in Indonesia, she used to be a top student back in Boston University

Ancient architectural techniques are modernized but not abandoned

October 23, 2020


Making a waterwheel or a sewing machine solely from wood is not impossible, even if reduced to the size of a fist. Gu Huiming, a 62-year-old

Welding talent and determination, a woman succeeds in male-dominated job

September 25, 2020


Zhu Ruixia, a shipyard weld technician at Jiangnan Shipyard, carrying forward the spirit of perseverance and diligence, defines the

Grasping ancient culture: It's fun and easy!

August 28, 2020


To really know a country, you need to understand its culture and history. From that starting point, journalist and media pundit Zhang

Healing in the traditional Chinese method

July 30, 2020


Dr Zhou Yang works in a setting that looks more like a traditional Chinese salon than a hospital. Wooden benches line the waiting hall.

Pavilions in miniature from a master maker

July 03, 2020


Xu Guanlong didn’t expect that his miniature wooden models of the pavilions in Guyi Garden would go viral and receive so many compliments. He’s

The craftsmen who are building our future

May 29, 2020


Five workers — Wang Zhewen, Li Faqiang, Ding Kai, Chen Wei and Lu Hongguang — received Jiading Craftsmanship awards in honor of their

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