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Grasping ancient culture: It's fun and easy!

August 28, 2020


To really know a country, you need to understand its culture and history. From that starting point, journalist and media pundit Zhang

Healing in the traditional Chinese method

July 30, 2020


Dr Zhou Yang works in a setting that looks more like a traditional Chinese salon than a hospital. Wooden benches line the waiting hall.

Pavilions in miniature from a master maker

July 03, 2020


Xu Guanlong didn’t expect that his miniature wooden models of the pavilions in Guyi Garden would go viral and receive so many compliments. He’s

The craftsmen who are building our future

May 29, 2020


Five workers — Wang Zhewen, Li Faqiang, Ding Kai, Chen Wei and Lu Hongguang — received Jiading Craftsmanship awards in honor of their

Medic on call: from terrorism to COVID-19

April 30, 2020


Much has been written about the medical heroes at the forefront of the coronavirus outbreak. But their individual stories never fail

Fancy footwork: An embroiderer finds her niche

April 03, 2020


In Li Yijun’s home, more than 1,000 handmade embroidered shoes are piled in the living room and bedroom. The shoes, of different sizes,

Doctor wears a 'spacesuit' to help Wuhan

March 06, 2020


When Dr Jiang Kai's 6-year-old daughter saw medical staff dressed in "spacesuits" on television, she told her father it would be "cool"

Shanghai couple donates thousands of mask

February 07, 2020


A couple in Shanghai’s Minhang District have donated 300,000 face masks to hospitals around the country. Zhou Chao'en, general manager

Fudan researcher gathers valuable Arctic weather data

January 10, 2020


A researcher from Fudan University has returned from a 53-day scientific expedition to the Arctic. This was the first time that a member

Hear, hear! This doctor can work wonders with the ears

December 13, 2019


When Yin Shankai steps into the operating theater, his patient is lying under shadow-less lamps in general anesthesia. The patient

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