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'Cloud Mother' principal a digital advocate but also a devotee of 'emotion education'

September 18, 2021


Wu Rongjin arrives at school with a picture of the "school full of love" posted on WeChat before 6:30am and leaves after 10pm with

The 'laughing policeman' is no joke on the job

August 27, 2021


Foreigners in Shanghai who violate traffic rules sometimes plead they can't speak Chinese when confronted by police. "That doesn't

Museum director devoting herself to telling CPC story

July 28, 2021


Yang Chunxia, director of the National Anthem Gallery, has played multiple roles in the development of revolutionary culture. A veteran

Holding self to the highest standards at work and in life

June 25, 2021


In an interview with Shanghai Daily on a humid mid-June workday, Fei Caiming walked in a sturdy manner and spoke quickly with a Shanghai

Wang captures blossoming flower expo on film

May 21, 2021


Master photographer Wang Hua has been capturing the evolution of the 10th China Flower Expo since the day construction began. From

Fighting poverty with the tools of perseverance and creative ideas

April 16, 2021


Huai Xiangjun, a 48-year-old agricultural expert from Shanghai's suburban Qingpu District, spent the past three years in the hinterland

Jogging and litter cleanup: a Frenchman successfully combines both

March 19, 2021


The arrival of cold air doesn’t cast a chill over Soulfiane Khellaf’s “plogging” campaign. As darkness falls and the urban hustle-bustle

For the homeless, help in finding long-lost families

February 20, 2021


Tang Huaibin, 55, is a detective of sorts, hunting clues to crack a mystery. But his is not a whodunit pursuit, but rather a quest

Cancer victim helps other sufferers fight the dreaded disease

January 15, 2021


When Wang Ying was given the devastating news she had cancer two years ago her world almost caved in. It seems to be an ugly, twisted

Wheelchair vlogger tackles 'the monster' with gutsy zeal

December 18, 2020


At the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium in Japan, Zhao Hongcheng, 30, looked up from her wheelchair to gaze in amazement at the swirls of

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