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Smile and compassion in community policing

August 04, 2017


ONE perk of being a policewoman is that I always had stories to tell on a blind date,” said Sheng Shumin. Though her dating days are

Traditional doctor prefers work at the grassroots

July 07, 2017


SANG Jiuhua is a grassroots doctor in traditional Chinese medicine in Jing’an. His great skills in acupuncture, heat therapy and manipulation

Infusing color into the era of black and white

June 02, 2017


LONG before digital cameras and photo-retouching software, Wu Mingzhu was turning black-and-white snapshots into color photos that

‘Best growth company’ was a gamble at the start

May 05, 2017


UPON receiving his master’s degree a decade ago, Dai Tiantian didn’t join the usual lines of job seekers. Instead, he took the risky

At 95, actress Qin Yi still in the spotlight

April 07, 2017


STANDING by a grand piano, 95-year-old actress Qin Yi recited “Lu Ma’s Monologue” from Chinese dramatist Cao Yu’s famous work “Thunderstorm”

Disability no hindrance to fine tuning piano

March 10, 2017


BLIND people in Shanghai are more likely to find work as masseurs, but Zhang Zhenyu walked a different path. The 38-year-old, despite

Technician shares successes with local vocational students

February 10, 2017


“craftsmanship” is becoming a prominent buzzword in China’s manufacturing sector as planners and entrepreneurs press for the development

Former wrestler fights crime on SWAT team

January 06, 2017


FEW people might realize it, but there’s a SWAT team based not far from Jing’an Temple, right in the heart of Shanghai’s commercial

Master ivory carver looks back at dying tradition

December 02, 2016


IVORY carving is surrounded in controversy. On one hand, the ivory trade has decimated elephant populations around the world. On the

Retiree recreates local landmarks out of trash

November 04, 2016


FOR 83-year-old Wu Hairong, a typical day starts at 5:30am, when he gets up to make breakfast for himself and his bedridden wife. After

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