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Shanghai's political advisory body concludes annual session with success

Shanghai's top political advisory body concludes its annual session

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Proposed Interviews

PISA Research Group of Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences

In 2006, the administrative authorities of education in

Date:22 Jul, 2013
Address:Room 225, Building No.2, Shanghai Academy of Educational Sciences, No. 21, North Chaling Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, 200032

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Interview Application

Invitation to the 2020 Chinese New Year Celebration Party for the Press

Dear Media Friends,,

Date:06 Jan, 2020

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Shanghai Today

Laba porridge not just fare for the festival

Following Chinese folk custom, people in each household eat Laba

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Policy Consulting

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Q: Is there a place where I can get all the

A: Log on to and for information

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Shanghai International Cultural Exchange Bases

Zhangjiang Cultural Industry Park

Located in ZJ Innopark, Zhangjiang Cultural Industry Park (the Park) is a national demonstrative

The Shanyin Road Historical and Cultural Area

Situated in the middle of Shanghai's Hongkou district, the Shanyin Road historical and

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