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Shanghai Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Center for the Disabled

——Providing All-sided Services for the Disabled

Contact:Ma Jianlin


Address: No. 265, North Linyi Road, Pudong New Area

Transport: Buses No.119, 785, 640, or 992 to Longyang Road Station; Metro Line 4 to Tangqiao Station; Metro Line 6 to the Station if Shanghai Children's Medical Center

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The disabled are a special social group. A good social environment not only plays an important role in their participation in the social affairs in an all-round way, but also reflects the progress of the social civilization. How does Shanghai Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Center for the Disabled serve the disabled? And what effect do its services achieve? What are the features of the center, compared with its counterparts in Europe and the US?

Shanghai Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Center for the Disabled (hereinafter referred to as the “Center”), is affiliated to Shanghai Association of the Disabled and operated under the funding of the government. The Center covers an area of 13,000 square meters, with a construction area of about 12,000 square meters. It was founded and opened to the public on May 16, 1999. It consists of Rehabilitation Department (Shanghai Guangji Rehabilitation Clinic), Deaf Children Rehabilitation Department (Shanghai Deaf Children Rehabilitation Center), Rehabilitation Engineering Department (Liankang Prosthetics & Orthotics Assembly Corporation), and Vocational Education Department (Shanghai Tianyi Vocational Education and Training Center for the Disabled). It offers comprehensive services to the disabled both at home and abroad, such as rehabilitation and vocational training. The Center has provided services for the disabled for over 600,000 persons in more than a decade since its founding.

Approved by the health administrative departments of Shanghai, the Rehabilitation Department is a non-profit medical institution for the disadvantaged group, and provides services in the rehabilitation of adult and cerebral palsy children, etc. with modern rehabilitation concept and methods combined with traditional Chinese medical science. The Department has been integrated into the medical care settlement network of Shanghai since 2005, with a rehabilitation rate of over 90%. The cerebral palsy children training camp, opening in August 2004, is devoted to offering parents training courses and one-to-one individualized rehabilitation training mainly to children under 3 years old, with a rehabilitation rate of up to 95%. The Rehabilitation Department started to provide free health consultation and rehabilitation consultation to the disabled in all the 17 districts (counties) of Shanghai in February 2004, with a satisfaction rate of above 99%.

As a Class A provincial rehabilitation center for deaf children, the Deaf Children Rehabilitation Department (Shanghai Rehabilitation Center for Deaf Children) is of top rank in China. It provides rehabilitation services for hearing-impaired patients from Shanghai and other places of China. It consists of a hearing clinic, a language training division, an early childhood education division and a community instruction division. The clinic provides hearing-impaired patients of all ages with services on hearing techniques, such as deafness diagnosis, hearing test, audiphone fitting, ear mold making, artificial cochlear starting and debugging, and after-sale tracing. The Language Training Division sets up courses that are integrated with the general nursery education for nationwide hearing-impaired children between 2 and 6 years old. Besides, it adds rehabilitation training courses on speech therapy, auditory-verbal rehabilitation, and hearing intervention, etc. based on the characteristics of deaf children, with a rehabilitation rate of above 86% (the average rehabilitation rate in China is 43%). Adhering to the idea of “combination of medical treatment and education” and aiming at characteristics of physical and psychological development of infants between 0-3 years old, the Early Childhood Education Division offers rehabilitation courses in the forms of “training with participation of parents” and “parent-child classroom”, etc., helping deaf infants to accumulate rich auditory-verbal experiences and promoting their all-round development in hearing ability, language competence, cognitive competence, and social ability. The Community Instruction Division functions in the guidance and assessment for the deaf children rehabilitation institutions of the 17 districts and counties, teacher training, assessment of deaf children rehabilitation, community family instruction, and hearing health knowledge promulgation. A convenient rehabilitation service network has taken shape, covering more hearing-impaired people, and improving the level of rehabilitation.

The Rehabilitation Engineering Department is among the first organizations to gain the “Enterprise Qualification Certificate for Manufacturing and Assembling Rehabilitation Assistive Devices”. It provides such services as assembly of prosthetics & orthotics, functional assessment of muscle strength and joint mobility, and training for persons with physical disability, and enjoys good reputation among the disabled. What’s worth mentioning is that through our vigorous exploration and research, we have developed orthotics products with national patents aiming at idiopathic scoliosis of teenagers, thus exempting many patients from pain from surgical treatment and achieving good orthopedic effect.

The Vocational Education Department devotes to vocational training for the disabled in Shanghai and professional technical training for social workers for the disabled. It keeps opening new training projects, which lays the foundation for the disabled to be socially reintegrated. For example, students in the sand painting class has given an excellent performance on the stage of “Show, Space” in the Public Participation Pavilion in Expo Shanghai, which boosted the confidence of the disabled The major set up on sign language interpreter training cultivated teams ready to serve the deaf, and thus made contribution to the no-barrier communication between the deaf. Meanwhile, the Center also takes charge of the training for orientation and mobility instructors for the blind in Shanghai and assessment of orientation and mobility for the trained persons with visual disability all over Shanghai, which lays a good foundation for integrating the blind people into the society. Moreover, the Center integrates educational rehabilitation and medical rehabilitation organically, and the educational rehabilitation class for cerebral palsy children is welcomed by parents. The children receiving the educational rehabilitation training develop well in various aspects such as cognition and social communication.

The center functions as a guider, trainer, referral and service provider for the establishment and development of rehabilitation institutions for the disabled all over Shanghai, creating a radiating effect in promoting the popularization of the rehabilitation services for the disabled in Shanghai. At present, 26 rehabilitation centers for the disabled at the district/county level, and 272 community rehabilitation stations have been established in 17 districts and counties of Shanghai, and a rehabilitation service network covering city, district/county, and sub-district/town has taken shape, laying a solid foundation for all the disabled in Shanghai to get access to rehabilitation services. (The statistic data mentioned in the article are collected before March 30, 2013)

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