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TX Huaihai Youth Energy Center

——TX Huaihai Youth Energy Center: A commercial model with a future perspective

Address:No. 523 Huaihai Road M.

TX Huaihai | Youth Energy Center was formerly Huating Isetan. The Huaihai Road Shopping Arcade M. is exploring new vitality as the market environment changes. TX Huaihai has been positioned as youth energy center that brings together shopping, catering, pop culture and other forms of arts. Distinctive designs of each floor and the highlights of the center — immersive arts and community culture — will provide young people with amazing and unique experiences.

The center is dedicated to integrating art experiences, intelligent operation, and community culture so as to provide a high-quality, multi-dimensional platform for young consumers, and promote diversified culture and young lifestyle for new consumer communities. In a bid to target customers accurately, the center will broadcast fashion brand activities live and provide real-time analysis on livestreaming videos. It will provide immersive marketing services to match customers and promote sales.

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