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Shanghai Auto Expo Park

——Integration of Automobile Culture and Ecological Garden

Address: No.7001,Boyuan Road,Anting Town,Jiading DistrictPost Code:201805


Shanghai Auto Expo Park, located in the core are...


——Mariedalgar A self-owned brand of aesthetics

Address: Building 3999-2 V4, Hongxin Road, Minhang District, Shanghai 201101


Established in 2006, Mariedalgar is the represen...

Hupu Culture

——Hupu Culture —— Leader of vertical Internet sports platform

Address: 3/F, Bldg A2, Huayuanfang, 121 Zhongshan Road N1., Hongkou District, Shanghai 200083


Hupu started its business as a basketball forum ...

Yuanyi Village of Gangyan Town

——Yuanyi Village of Gangyan Town — Hometown of Boxwood

Address: No. 868 Dagang Highway, Yuanyi Village, Gangyan Town 202158


Yuanyi Village is in Gangyan Town of Chongming D...

Oriental Beauty Valley

——Introduction to Oriental Beauty Valley Exhibition Center

Address: Oriental Beauty Valley Building 18, No. 6055, Jinhai Highway, Fengxian DistrictPostcode: 201499


The Exhibition Center is located in the hall at ...

Bijiang City's Study in Minhang District

——A 24-hour Civic Cultural Space

Address: 1/F, Building 9, No. 900, Heqing Road (within Bijiang Plaza), post code: 200240


Bijiang City’s Study is a community self-s...

Shanghai Daning International Tea City

——A Fragrant Tea World Showcasing the Quintessence of Chinese Culture


Shanghai Daning International Tea City is a tea ...

Uncle Gu’s Village Homestay

——Village Homestay Cooperative with Autonomous Management


Uncle Gu’s Village Homestay is village hom...

Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum

——Commemoration of the Charity of Love and Hope

Address: No. 62, Changyang Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai 200082


Founded in 2007, Shanghai Jewish Refugees Museum...

Gubei Civic Center

——A Service Station Warming Residents in the Mini “United Nations”

Address: No. 99, East Fugui Road


Gubei Civic Center is a three-story building wit...

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