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As the Only Case in Shanghai, the Data Fusion Application Case in Baoshan District Was Included in “Data Elements ×” Typical Cases in the First Batch by the National Bureau of Data - July 25, 2024

In order to fully release the value of data elements and implement theThree-Year Action Plan for“Data Elements ×”(2024-2026), the National Bureau of Data and several other departments recently released 20 typical cases of “Data Elements ×” in the first batch.

A Leading AI Enterprise Opened East China Headquarters in Xuhui - July 25, 2024

On July 8, 4Paradigm held the opening ceremony of East China headquarters in Caohejing New Technology Development Zone, Xuhui District, Shanghai, marking that the company entered a new stage of expansion in Shanghai’s AI industry.

“Sony Expo 2024” Debuted at BilibiliWorld and Attracted Many Visitors - July 25, 2024

From July 12 to 14,a grand ACGevent BiliBiliWorld 2024(BW2024)was held in Shanghai. As one of the mostpopularACG exhibitions in summer,BW2024coversan area of 170,000 square meters,larger than any othe

Focusing on the New Engine for Exponential Development of the Industry, a Dedicated Supply Chain of Embodied AI Is Taking Shape in Pudong - July 08, 2024

The Qinglong Humanoid Robot with a height of 185cm and a weight of 82kg has a sense of touch. It can gently pick up and put down a cup and ensure the bread’s integrity when taking soft bread. In the National and Local Co-Built Humanoid Robotics Innovation Center in Zhangjiang, Pudong, the Qinglong Humanoid Robot with a highly bionic torso configuration, anthropomorphic motion control, and up to 43 degrees of freedom is practicing different movements.

Xuhui District Welcomes Another Enterprise Designated as a Foreign-Funded R&D Hub! - June 28, 2024

Cargill, a global leader in agriculture and food, recently unveiled its upgraded Shanghai innovation center, located in Xuhui District. This center has been officially recognized as a foreign-funded R&D hub by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce.

When AIGC Empowers Community Education: Your Next Teacher Could Be a 3D Virtual Persona - June 28, 2024

Hongmei Subdistrict Community School serves as a base for digital and tech innovation courses in community education within Xuhui District. By leveraging the 'community-school-enterprise’ collaborative platform of Hongmei Caohejing Hi-Tech Park, the school continually explores and expands the potential of 'AI+Education', aiming to integrate advanced technology into community education.

With Smarter 'Brains' and More Agile 'Limbs’, Pudong's Humanoid Robots Go Global - June 17, 2024

“Our latest humanoid robot, the Kepler Pioneer K1, is slated for mass production and market release by September this year. We already have hundreds of potential global clients, with many ready to pla

Shanghai Customs Actively Promotes the Implementation of RCEP by Providing Benefits Packages to Businesses - June 06, 2024

Since its implementation on January 1, 2022, the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP)—the world's largest free trade agreement in terms of population, economic and trade scale,

Shanghai's First Coffee Store Offering a Complete "From Estate to Cup" Experience Opens - May 29, 2024

With the arrival of summer and the lush greenery, Shanghai citizens can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Meiyuan Park while savoring fine coffee crafted from premium Costa Rica La Minilla coffee beans.

Shanghai's First Digital Sign Language Interpreter Begins Work in Jiading! - May 29, 2024

With the help of technological innovations such as the metaverse and intelligent connectivity, the Jiading District Administrative Service Center and Jiading District Disabled Persons' Federation have

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